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Company Profile

Company Profile

What We Do

HUAMAO is a company founded by a family with over 50 years of experience in production and marketing of traditional tonics and health products.

We are firm believers of quality ingredients. Our natural herbs, quality chicken meat, fresh Black Fish, natural alpine honey, non genetically-modified (GM) soybeans, bird’s nest and other raw ingredients are carefully selected in China and Malaysia by diet experts assigned by HUAMAO.

Our diet expert

Who are permanently appointed in China and Malaysia, are rigorous in the selection of food manufacturing plants with HACCP international standards and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants with GMP international standards as our product manufacturers (OEM).

HUAMAO has an exclusive production line with these selected OEMs.

The entire production process–material selection, processing and manufacturing and packaging–is under the strict supervision of our
diet experts.

Our Mission

For over 20 years, HUAMAO is dedicated to the interests of our esteemed consumers. We are committed to achieving premium product quality, ensuring that every product is safe and of the finest quality. With this dedication, our reputable Singaporean trademarks, POLLENEY® and SONGSHAN® are extended to Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and other ASEAN markets, with Singapore as the sales headquarters.

Today, POLLENEY® and SONGSHAN® have become trustworthy household names in Singapore and Malaysia.

Looking ahead, HUAMAO is confident in the bright prospects of the health industry. HUAMAO’s commitment and dedication to you and your family’s health is steadfast and unwavering!

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